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Discover Authentic Pizza & Pasta

We know that the most common reason patrons want to visit an authentic Mediterranean restaurant is because they want to taste great pizza and pasta.

At Da Ciccio Cucina, every plate of homemade pasta is prepared with the greatest care and bursting with genuine flavours from the Bel Paese. Our range of pizzas and pizzottos are the perfect balance of wholesome and delicious, created according to timeless recipes from around the Mare Nostrum.


Local, fresh cuisine
for everyone

Da Ciccio Cucina is a dining experience like no other. As the name suggests, patrons are in for a Mediterranean treat by chef Ciccio himself.

The secret to the exceptional dining experience and food bursting with flavour are two important ingredients: tradition and skill. We expertly combine these two in order to prepare Mediterranean dishes with our own unique twist.  

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Spoilt For Choice
Our new-and-improved menu features a tasty variety of authentic dishes from Mediterranean platters to desserts. Our highly skilled chef – Da Ciccio Cucina’s own Ciccio - is capable of great things: combining the freshest ingredient to create a truly unique yet traditional dining experience.

Freshly Sourced, Expertly Prepared

Freshly Sourced, Expertly Prepared

To ensure that we meet our standards, we only use the freshest ingredients. We aim for perfection when it comes to authenticity and flavour – so respecting our food and where it comes from is part and parcel of preparing exceptional cuisine.

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