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Al Fresco Dining

At Da Ciccio Cucina, you’re always guaranteed to get genuine food and excellent service. But recently, we have decided to take things a step further.


As part of our efforts to ensure the best possible dining experience for our patrons, we’ve built our very own Al Fresco dining area. Since we always aim to provide a unique twist to everything we do, it took us a great deal of planning – but now it’s finally ready.


Our patrons simply love dining on the platforms we’ve installed on the colourful Pergola Steps. This extra touch has worked wonders in enhancing the steps and improving the restaurant overall, both aesthetically and in terms of practicality – not to mention the enjoyable feeling of dining outside in a nice day or a cool evening.


In fact, the installation is highly functional, adding an element of privacy for our patrons who opt for this special outside dining experience – as well as to get some fresh air. The design of the platform is very much in line with the overall look of our restaurant, working to enhance the visual experience as well as the atmosphere.

Da Ciccio Cucina (40).jpg
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